…and a few of my favorite subjects for pictures

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Miami Beach May 2014
DSC 0124.JPG
Arizona afternoon sky with clouds.jpg

I love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets.  As an example… sunrise, Miami Beach... 

...sunset in Arizona.  

Here is a cloudy afternoon sky in Arizona.  I have four folders of clouds identified below:



1) Clouds veiwed from a plane

2) Derecho over Chicago in 2012

3) Clouds during a solar eclipse

4) Normal but fascinating clouds

Flowers are another passion of mine.  Every time Phil and I walked along the bay adjacent to the San Francisco Waterfront Marriott where we were from 2006 through 2011 due to his work, I had to stop and take a closeup picture of a flower.

Beautiful butterfly feeding furiously on flower, France, Sept 09.JPG

All creatures great and small…butterflies, geese, kittens, dogs, 
horses, and anything that is in view of my camera lens

Morton Arboretum Number 28.jpg

I find such beauty in trees…especially in the autumn.

Alps froma distance before landing Milan Dec 25, 01
Flag #3 July 4, 09.JPG

I enjoy observing the landscape from an airplane window and capturing a picture of the beauty I see.

I am stirred in my heart when I see our flag waving in the breeze, and am so happy when I have a camera handy to capture a picture.

Tail lights Indiana #1 July 4, 09.JPG

I enjoy painting a picture with my camera - I deliberately move the camera when snapping a photo at night.  These are my whimsical creations.

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