Words of Hope III

Song List

God Be Merciful (a cappella)

I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (group with organ/piano)

I Want You to Know (Myrna, Marcia duet)

Let Us With a Gladsome Mind (group with organ/piano)

Wonderful Words of Life (Tim Mayfield, solo)

God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again (a cappella)

Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord (group with organ)

Heaven Came Down (Myrna, Marcia duet)

Jesus, And Shall It Ever Be (group with organ/piano)

Praise the Lord, His Glories Shown (group with organ/piano)

In Sweet Communion (a cappella)

Surely Goodness & Mercy (Marcia, Tim duet)

The Bond of Love (Myrna, Marcia, Tim trio)

Holy Ghost, With Light Divine (group with organ)

My Savior's Love (a cappella)

Just When I Need Him Most (group with organ/piano)

Tell the Good News (Marcia Twadell, solo)

The Strife is O'er (group with organ/piano)

O, Breath of Life (men a cappella)

The Stranger of Galilee (Marcia Twadell, solo)

Pass It On (Myrna, Marcia duet)

I Am Not Worthy (Tim Mayfield, solo)

The Love of God (Myrna White, solo)

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