Words of Hope II

Song List

So Send I You (Marcia Twadell, solo)

Teach Me Your Way (group with organ/piano)

Fairest Lord Jesus (a cappella)

If We Could See Beyond Today (Myrna, Marcia duet)

O Father in Heaven (Myrna White, solo)

Have You Any Room? (Tim, Marcia duet)

They'll Know We Are Christians (Tim Mayfield, solo)

Silent Night (a cappella)

The Wonder of It All (Marcia Twadell, solo)

Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare (group with organ/piano)

What Wondrous Love is This (Myrna White, solo)

Spirit of the Living God (Myrna, Marcia, Tim trio)

Safely Through Another Week (group with organ/piano)

Reach Out to Jesus (Tim Mayfield, solo)

Were You There? (a cappella)

The Lord is My Light (Marcia Twadell, solo)

Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus (group with organ/piano)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Myrna White, solo)

Depth of Mercy (a cappella)

What Child is This? (Myrna, Marcia, Tim trio)

Jesus is Coming Again (Tim Mayfield, solo)

Under His Wings (women a cappella)

My Song (Myrna White, solo)

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