Myrtle's Fruitcake

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Myrtle Kinlaw's fruitcake recipe

(This is a priceless treasure made exquisitely by my mother.  We're southerners, you know, and southerners love fruitcake.  Mother's was the best!   Smile)

Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees.  


Mix together and sift:

  • 2 c. flour 
  • 3/4 t. salt 
  • 3/4 t. baking powder 
  • 1/4 t. each - cloves, allspice, nutmeg 
  • 1 t. each - cinnamon, mace

Pour candied fruits (list follows) into separate large bowl; slice and dice as necessary.  Add 1 lb. raisins and 2 c. pecans (whole).  Sprinkle with small portion of sifted flour mixture, and mix to coat fruit and nuts (this keeps the fruits/nuts from "falling" to the bottom of the cake).  

  • Red/green candied cherries - one large container each
  • Candied pineapple - one large container
  • Citron - 1/2 lb.
  • Dried figs - 1/2 lb.
  • Pitted dates - 1/2 lb

** Important: Set aside some cherries and pecans for decorating top of cake prior to baking! **

Now mix into the fruits/nuts a small jar each of grape jam and peach or apricot preserves.  Mix well; set aside.  (I find it's easier to use my hands to do this - but wash them first. HA!)  Use more or less of any of the fruits and nuts.  As Mother would say, use a "handful" of this and a "fistful" of that.

In a separate bowl, cream together 1 c. butter and 1-1/2 c. sugar.  Add 4 eggs and 1/2 c. milk.  Add flour mix to egg mixture.  Don't overmix.  Mother said, "we need just enough batter to hold it all together."

Gently fold batter into fruits/nuts/preserve mix using wooden spoon JUST UNTIL BLENDED.  Grease and flour tube pan (Mother always cut waxed paper to fit the bottom of the pan, then greased and floured.  I do the same thing.)  Spoon batter into prepared pan; batter will be stiff.

Decorate top of cake with cherries and pecans that have been set aside for that purpose.  Bake on middle shelf of oven about 2-1/2 hours at 300 degrees.  Test with toothpick.

Remove from oven; cool 10-15 min. in pan, then turn out.  Let cool completely before covering or storing.

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