Pictures From Our Travels

Phil and I have had the opportunity to travel, both in the United States and internationally, as a result of his working more than 27 years with IBM.  I have included photos from some of the more memorable trips we've had.

Click on each picture to link to a Smugmug album of that trip which will open in another window.

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Scenic southern CA coast.jpg
Cliffs of Moher, west coast Ireland3.JPG
Eiffel Tower Paris 2002.jpg

Brussels & Ghent, Belgium - January 2012 
     Atomium & Festival of Lights  

Coast of California - 
     Pictures from multiple trips 2006 - 2011

Ireland -
     The Cliffs of Moher and other sites over an 18-year period

London -
     Our favorite pictures over an 18-year period

New England in the fall

Paris, France

DSC 4686.JPG

Sanibel Island, FL - September 2012 - 
     Time with family at Surfrider Resort

Scotland - 
     Pictures from multiple trips to Myrna's ancestral homeland

Bund Shanghai 2.JPG

DSC 3457.JPG

Shanghai, China - July 2012

Sydney, Australia - July 2012 and December 2005

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Gondolas parked along the waterway Venice.jpg

Tokyo and Kyoto Japan - May 2012

Venice, Italy - 
     One of our favorite destinations

NYC Rockefeller Center.jpg

United States - 
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